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About Us

  • I started Future Resumes Fast more than 5 years ago with the mission of using my 15+ years of human resources, recruiting, and hiring experience to create interview-winning resumes for job seekers who realize that hiring managers are no longer interested in a simple list of prior job responsibilities, but instead demand that applicants communicate their relevant competencies clearly.
  • I hand-select exceptionally talented, credentialed, and ambitious writers who are laser-focused on creating the most unique live resumes, aimed at multiplying our clients’ chances for an interview.
Anika Jansen, MBA, Founder

Our Process

I quickly received an interview for the outside position we discussed. Also, decided to apply internally and interview for a position that utilized both my sales and training experience. Led to a significant promotion with my current employer. I am very excited. Thanks again.

Charles.B - Sales Manager and Trainer

I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like I went from hunting for a job with a slingshot to an intercontinental missile! Would you believe I got callbacks from 4 out of 6 places I applied in the last month?! And yes – 2 offers. Best job search money I’ve ever spent. Can’t thank you enough!!!

Ron S - Project Manager

You changed my life. You saw in me what was already there and put it on paper. I continued to get my resume updated by you and in three years’ time I went from an Account Manager to an executive position with a new employer for a major hospital. I will always be grateful.

Athena.N - Director, Business Development - Healthcare

So, now I see how your magic works. This is fabulous!!!!

Victoria.G - Trainer

I was very impressed. Everyone I have shown my resume to says the same thing. Louise was great and addressed my questions immediately. She is very talented.

Abe.R - Customer Service Manager


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